About Demarest Pizzeria

In 1987, during Mr. Renke's senior year at Northern Valley Regional High School in Old Tappan, he bought Demarest Pizzeria with three partners, with a 25% interest in the business. Because the day of the closing was a school day for Mr. Renke, he proceeded to ask his lawyer for a note excusing him from school, stating he was at a business closing.

It did not take long for Steve Renke to prove himself as an entrepreneur. Within two years of purchasing the business and making his own deliveries in his pick up truck, he bought out his two partners. Four years after the buy-out, his pizzeria was featured in the March 1993 issue of Pizza Today, a national publication.

Today, Steve Renke continues his success story. He is still expanding with new ideas on how to keep his current customers happy and entice new ones. He now offers Whole Wheat Pizza & Pasta, as well as Gluten Free Pizza. He most recently began hosting birthday parties at the pizzeria which he calls 'Make Your Own Pizza'